Cornish Family Research

Cornish family research is research undertaken on your behalf to find a particular name or line of a Cornish ancestor. The search should enable you to extend the branches on your Cornish family tree and we hope to be able to advise on where the family were living and working in Cornwall at that particular time.

This research can be as detailed as you want it to be. Requests range from ‘my great grandfather was born at Redruth in 1866 – can you find out the names of his parents?’ to preparation of a full scale report into the family and finding out more about where they were living and working.

At the end of the research we will forward to you a typed report of our findings and/or a pedigree chart (family tree) of the ancestors found.

Click on the following links to see PDFs of example reports (all people and dates in these reports are fictitious and have been created for demonstrations purposes only):

Example Short Report (PDF, 100KB)

Example Longer Report (PDF, 48KB)