Tracing Your Cornish Ancestry?

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Overseas Clients with Cornish Ancestry

Looking for Cornish Ancestors?  See what we can do for you!

If you live overseas but know that you have Cornish ancestry, we can help you trace your Cornish ancestors and Cornish family tree, and help track down where and how they lived and worked.

What information can be found on your Cornish ancestry?

We do a lot of work for customers from overseas who have a Cornish Ancestor.  We can be your feet on the ground in Cornwall and search for anything about the family which you want to know – parish records, photographs of villages, graves. We can even try to find common descendants – relatives you may or may not have realised you had.  We have already done this for several people with positive results. Charges are all as per the Family Research and Forward Searching (tracing common descendants). If you have any special requirements which are not listed but are related to tracing your Cornish family history, or the area in Cornwall from which they came, please get in touch and we will do all we can to provide the information you require from across the miles. Generally speaking, the information gathered is typed into a presentation folder so that it is a nice keep-sake for future generations.


If you are planning a trip to Cornwall to visit the places relevant to your ancestors, we can assist by helping plan an itinerary that will take in the places that are relevant to the family and if necessary do some research prior to your visit.  Please get in touch about charges but generally speaking this is based on a hourly rate of £17.50 per hour with a nominal charge for travelling.