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Posted on: April 21st, 2016 by Rachael Eustice 1 Comment
Lanyon Quoit

Good Morning from Rachael and welcome to the new blog facility on the Cornish Cousins Website.

The purpose of the blog is to try to keep you in touch with Cornwall, especially as many of you reading this will live overseas but have Cornish roots, and provide a bit more detail about the work we do here at Cornish Cousins.

Officially it is Spring. Although this weekend has presented all types of weather. We’ve had heavy rain, hail showers, gusty winds, brilliant sunshine and even snow on the moors! One thing that is missing is warmth – with temperatures still lingering around 7°c it is getting time for it to warm up at bit.

As the weeks goes by I will talk about the type of work that Cornish Cousins undertakes (in a general manner – specific cases will not be detailed) and with summer approaching there are so many things happening around Cornwall that I will comment on.

This summer I intend to get out and see more of this wonderful County of ours. It really does have a bit of everything – dramatic cliffs on the north coast, river estuaries and secluded coves on the south coast and beautiful countryside and moorland in between. They county is also well known for its many festivals and feast days.

Your company and input is welcome.

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  1. Karen Pomroy says:

    Live in Australia, with Cornish roots. So glad I found your site. Cheers